Tips menikahi Cliff di Harvest Moon More Friends

10 Jan 2012
Tips menikahi Cliff di Harvest Moon More Friends

Just like you, Cliff is new in Mineral Town. He moved out of his hometown
to seek his life's purpose, leaving his mother and sister. With less and
less money now, he wanders around Mineral Town, hanging out mostly in
Church, wallowing in desperate regret for the impulsive decisions he had
made. His mother had died and his sister had left for parts unknown so
you can just imagine how sad he is! That's mostly why he doesn't talk much
to anyone and is pretty much a loner (he's so damn sweet!). He mostly
lives on Carter and Ann's generosity. If you don't give him the winery
job on Fall 14, he will leave town for good. (NOOO! As you can tell,
I love Cliff very much! LOL!)


Address:    Doug's Inn/Church
Birthday:   Summer 6th (Summer 10th)
Loves:      Curry Rice
Likes:      Curry recipes, Sandwich, Stew, Mountain Stew, Miso Soup, Wine,
            Wild Grape Juice, Cheese Fondue, Pizza, Grilled Fish,
            Sushi recipes, Scrambled Eggs, Greens, Tempura recipes,
            Mushroom Rice, Omelet recipes, Savory Pancake, Latte recipes,
            Bamboo Rice, Happy Eggplant, Rice balls, Bread, Relaxation Tea,
            Grape Juice
Rival:      Ann
Arrival:    8:30PM
Tip:        If you want a quick marriage, Cliff is not the man to go
            for, as you'll need to get through the Fall 14 event to
            trigger all of his events but if you're madly in love with
            him (like me), try talking to him a lot. Curry Rice is a simple
            dish and is Cliff's favorite so give that to him. He also likes
            Rice balls as much as wine, but it's cheaper than wine so go
            for it.
Extra Info: Some players seem to be having trouble marrying Cliff.
            I actually got him to say yes immediately after triggering his
            last heart event (after the Fall Harvest events, of course).
            He had been at a red heart level since the early Fall.
            By then, I already had the complete house extension, the bath,
            complete barn, vase, big bed, but not the complete kitchen set,
            carpet or power berry from the TV Shopping network so I don't
            really know why some people can't get him to say yes, even though
            he's already at red heart. I'm guessing you'll still need to get
            him to like you more so you may want to give him more gifts before
            proposing to him. Most likely, you screwed up when you answered
            the questions for him since Cliff has the most CONFUSING of
            questions to get you to the next level. See his +Heart Events+ to
            know the right answers.



6AM-9AM        2nd Floor of Inn
9AM-10AM       Walking to Church
10AM-4PM       Church
4PM-5PM        Walking to Inn
5PM-10PM       2nd Floor of Inn
10PM-6AM       Locked in the inn


Sunday to Friday

6AM-10AM       2nd Floor of Inn
10AM-10:30AM   Walking to Aja Winery
10:30AM-1PM    Wine storage of Aja Winery
1PM-4PM        Vineyard of Aja Winery
4PM-5PM        Walking to Church
5PM-7PM        Church
7PM-8PM        Walking to Inn
8PM-10PM       2nd Floor of Inn
10PM-6AM       Locked in the inn

Saturday (Day off)

6AM-4PM        Doug's Inn
4PM-5PM        Walking to Church
5PM-7PM        Church
7PM-8PM        Walking to Inn
8PM-10PM       2nd Floor of Inn
10PM-6AM       Locked in the inn


*Cliff will eventually leave the game if you don't get him the job at the
winery. The last two events will only be available if he gets the job.

- Tue/Thu; 10AM-6PM; Church
- Walk inside the church and Carter will greet you in and introduce
  himself. He then points at Cliff, sitting glumly on the front bench.
  Carter says that just like you, Cliff is new in town and has recently
  had a bad year. He asks that you help him out a bit and you agree.
  You walk up to Cliff and he says hi. At first, he thought the reason
  you're talking to him is because he has something on his face. When
  you tell him he doesn't, he gets flustered. Tell him to relax and he'll
  be alright. In fact, he'll be looking forward to talking to you again!

- (If before Fall 14 Event) Mon/Wed/any rainy day; Exactly 4PM; Church
  (If after Fall 14 Event) Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri; 5PM-7PM; Church
- This is very hard to trigger before the Fall 14 event since you have
  to trigger it at exactly 4PM. Walk inside the church and you'll find
  Carter and Cliff standing at the front. They are talking about the night's
  dinner and once Carter sees you, he'll ask you to join them. Cliff will
  ask the same thing as well and you agree. Carter says that Ann would be
  bringing in the food and asks you two to clean up. He then leaves you and
  Cliff alone together! Cliff is confused and says he'll do the cleaning
  himself. Offer to help and Cliff will be very happy, after which, you'll
  have your first dinner together, which you all enjoy very much ^_^

- (After Fall 14 Event) Mon/Wed/Fri; 3PM-5PM; Walk from your farm to the
  Winery northward
- Walk out from the north entrance of your farm and walk straight to the
  direction of Aja Winery. You'll see Duke and Cliff talking. Duke wants
  Cliff to take a break but Cliff says he's just fine. Then, Duke sees
  you and suggests that you and Cliff go out for a hike in the mountains.
  Cliff is stunned and stammers that his job isn't finished yet but
  Duke insists, saying that it's high-time Cliff thanked you for getting
  him the job at the winery. Cliff agrees and you'll both find yourselves
  in Mother's Hill Peak, where Cliff apologizes for Duke being so pushy.
  Cliff will then ask you if you're enjoying your job in the farm. Say
  yes and he'll tell you he's also loving his job. As thanks for the
  job and "uhurm" date, he gives you a necklace of flowers which he made
  while you two were hiking. Aww...I love flowers! ^_^

- (After Fall 14 Event) Sun/Tue/Thu; 5PM-7PM; Winery
- Enter the Winery. You'll find Duke and Aja talking. Duke's wondering
  about what's going on between you and Cliff and Manna scolds him,
  saying you and Cliff aren't kids. Duke retorts that he just wants to
  know 'coz he cares about his 'family' (seems Duke's more of a gossip-rag
  than even Manna). Then, they both see you. Duke, despite Manna's
  reprimands, asks what you think Cliff's bad point is. Tell him "He
  thinks too much" and Duke will say that you know Cliff very well.
  He also says that knowing your partner is good for your 'relationship'.
  Cliff enters the scene and tells Duke that his job is done. He spots
  you and happily greets you as well. Then, to your surprise, Duke decides
  to further play matchmaker and tells Cliff that you want to have dinner
  with him! Despite your obvious shock, Cliff is very happy. Later, he'll
  escort you home and tell you he enjoyed having dinner with you and
  wished to do it again soon. Shucks...a dinner date with Cliff...
  ( paid?!) WARNING: Do whatever you have to do first before
  triggering this event, as it will end at 9PM.
  **A little out of context, but I think Cliff has the cutest shocked
    face among all the guys (other than Doctor I guess). See his Blue Heart
    event and if/when you propose to him (the moment he agrees).

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