[eng] King 2hearts Episode 5 preview

30 Mar 2012
 episode 5 the king 2hearts preview :

Speaker : Cheers to the success of WOC (some celebration in a hall)

Hang Ah : What are you doing there? (Hang Ah slapped some random guy back, thinking it’s Jae Ha)

Unknown Guy: Prince asked me to give you this (Hang Ah smelling the beauty product with a smile)

Jae Ha : Oh, Big Brother, there is Kim Hang there too! (JH driving on the road in his sleek SLK pointing to something)
(oh scene ini toh yang di buat parodi sama leeteuk :p)


Hang Ah : Just let it be. So that’s it, Lee Jae Ha (Hang Ah in the room putting her legs on the table)

Jae Ha : The guy will leave, the girl will die (Jae Ha jogging, sitting on a chair smiling in his suit and some crossing off Hang Ah form with red ink)

Shi Kyung Dad : We are not disqualifying Lee Jae Ha, we are showing her concern instead (Hang Ah playing minesweeper)

Hang Ah : Going crazy. This is crazy (Hang Ah wiping her tears)

Hang Ah : After meeting, stop walking and rest for awhile (Hang Ah walking in a hallway)

Hang Ah : Really let me meet him then do this? (Hang Ah talking, Jae Ha turned back in his suit)

Jae Ha : When is the press conference? (microphones, King, Jae Ha asking the question)

Jae Ha : It’s me who fell in love with Ms Kim Hang Ah (Jae Ha to the press and Hang Ah watching it on something and them walking into the room in formal attire)

(eng. trans by blyssxoxo at soompi)
cr: http://pearlmint2011.tumblr.com/post/20171435369/episode-5-the-king-2hearts-preview-speaker

scr : lsgairenint.tumblr

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